We have a $1,000,000 match!

$1 Million
hey south central kentucky,

Donate now and double your impact!

Three year fundraising challenge for thirty years of reward.

Let's build a community center for the next generation! 

We’re excited to announce a special opportunity to make your donations go even further! Thanks to a generous matching donation pledge, every dollar you donate will be doubled, up to our goal of $1,000,000. That means your $50 donation becomes $100, and your $100 donation becomes $200!

Your donation will directly support our vital efforts to build for the next generation, making a tangible impact in our community. With the matching funds, your contribution will have double the effect, allowing us to achieve more together.

Now it's time to build something NEW.

Donate now for the future of South Central Kentucky!

Donate now!

The Impact is HUGE.

This facility will provide all ages of our community with opportunities to engage with fellow neighbors, encourage a healthy lifestyle and positive trajectory and it will enhance the community with endless possibilities for additional, year-round activities. 
Basketball Courts

To reduce the duration of seasons, the race from court to court across town, we're adding three basketball courts to this facility.

Dedicated Meeting Space

When great minds gather, good things happen. Our meeting rooms will be a space for local leadership, organizations and corporations to unite together for the better of our community.


It’s exhilarating watching
time run out and your team end in victory! We'll have ability to host local tournaments and celebrate
achievements, large and small.

Indoor Sports

In addition to basketball courts and meeting space, there will be flex space for gymnastics, pickleball, archery, volleyball, batting cages and more.


With various opportunities for engagement with other community members through programming and volunteer roles, we're excited to bring the community together!

More coming!

Stay tuned. There will be more information on building enhancements soon. From storm shelters to event space, there will be something for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why 3 years?

Every good goal has a measurement. Three years was determined as our goal when determining how much fundraising had to be accomplished. As we say to everyone that asks this question, make us change it to 1!

Will dues increase for CORE members?

The Core’s budget will not be affected by this project, but the Core will be impacted with it being on Core property.

With inflation rising and higher bills to pay, we still have managed to NOT raise membership fees in over 7 years and have actually lowered teen memberships in the last 3 years. We're not saying memberships will never increase but they will not increase due to this project.

What happens with the current facility?

Our original building is here to stay! This new facility is meant to serve as an expansion to our current operation. It will be open and available to all community members where the existing building's use will be held exclusive for Core members.

Where will the building be located?

Currently, the building is projected to be built on property located behind the Core. This will not affect the outdoor pool.


$1 million funds-matching campaign

Project 330, the Scottsville nonprofit working towards a new community center for the city, reached a massive fundraising milestone with a $1 million funds-matching campaign from the Laura Goad Turner Charitable Foundation.

Since Project 330′s public launch in May 2023, the campaign has hit significant milestones, beginning with a $100,000 match from the Halton Company and again from a $25,000 Giv... - Derek Parham


Halton commits to $100k funds-match

With a $100,000 funds-matching commitment, the Halton Company is the first corporate sponsor to back Project 330′s goal of bringing a state-of-the-art community center to Scottsville.

While the Core is already a community staple for Scottsville and surrounding areas, its popularity has grown beyond the services that it can provide. In hopes of creating an addition to the Core, Project 330 aims to organize three years of intentional fundraising to create a lasting 30-year legacy... - Derek Parham


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